viernes, 31 de marzo de 2017

Hello everybody! Welcome to first form!

As we told you in our first meeting, a big part of our classes are based on songs, chants, games and oral activities.
The song we chose to share with you is a brand new song for first form! Its combination of fun lyrics and simple choreography allows our pupils to perform this song in several ways (quickly, slow and sometimes with different lyrics or movements) in order to gain fluency and to incorporate new sounds.
We had so much fun performing this that we decided to share the song with you!

Waddaleeacha, Waddaleeacha, doodle-ee-doo, doodle-ee-doo.
Waddaleeacha, Waddaleeacha, doodle-ee-doo, doodle-ee-doo.
It's the simplest thing!  there isn't much to it!
all you gotta do is; doodle-ee-doo it!
I like the rest, but the part I like best goes:  

Love, Miss Sabri & Miss Sofi