jueves, 29 de agosto de 2013


Since the return from winter holidays, we have been working on the Simple Present Tense as the main grammar theme for this stage in 3rd Form. Furthermore, we have finished with Unit 5 “My Busy Family” from Backpack Gold 2. In this unit, the students have had as main objectives the identification of occupations and professions, places people work, and the activities they do. Following these topics the pupils have done different tasks, such as speaking about jobs, describing them, doing written work, and playing games. Moreover, they have worked on art projects, including posters of people’s jobs and finger puppets that characterize occupations. As we can see on the photos below, the students have played different roles showing their puppets to the class and interacting with their classmates. This application gives them the opportunity to practise speaking, have fun, and enjoy learning English!!!