lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2014


4th FORM:

On October 31st parents were invited to an open class to see how students work. That day different activities were shown.
Students had made beautiful animal puppets. They had to ask and answer questions about the different animals, their habitats, routines, abilities and physical appearance in order to guess the name of the animal.
Then they passed on a little bag with cards in it as music was played. When the music stopped, the student with the bag in his/her hand had to take a card from it and make a sentence with the word written on it. In this way, they practiced vocabulary learnt throughout the year.
After that, they worked with the verbs of the senses. A student came to the front and he/she was blindfolded. So, without being able to see what he was offered, he/she had to guess how the object felt, sounded, tasted or smelt.
Finally, the students sang a song at the end of the open class.
Students showed great interest and enthusiasm during the open class. They really enjoyed every activity!
Thank you all for coming and watched our special class.